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Time Lines

Time lines link to other materials articles about events and people. The  specific focus on the story of Arthur C. Pillsbury, his family and work, naturally.  Other historical events and individuals are followed and many have pages on this site because Pillsbury was inclusive and open in his approach to photography and life.  In his life time Pillsbury referred to this as 'Knowledge Commons.'  Today we would say Open  Source.  
Nineteen Century
Twentieth Century
Twenty-First Century
1901 - 1905   1906 - 1910   

1911   1912  1913  1914  1915   1916   1917   1918  1919  1920 

1921 (more being added)
Consolidated Time Lines with links to documents in the Archive

The Time Lines below compile family history, events involving the Pillsbury family members and other other events either of interest or involving them.