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2011 - Present

              23 - Photocritic International - Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (19) (January 23, 2011). In which I discuss the expansion of Team Norsigian’s countersuit against the Adams Trust to include the University of Arizona, charging slander, defamation, trade libel, and illegal civil conspiracy. 

                    6 -  Photocritic International - Cowflop from the Adams Herd (4) (February 6th, 2011). In which I examine in detail a variety of patent untruths promulgated by William “Wild Bill” Turnage, Managing Trustee of the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. Plus a brief discussion of the absence of  coverage of this story from the press in Tucson, home of the Center for Creative Photography. 
                     - Photocritic International - Cowflop from the Adams Herd (5) (February 9th, 2011). In which I continue my scrutiny of falsehoods promulgated by William “Wild Bill” Turnage, Managing Trustee of the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, concentrating on those embedded in his previously secret email exchange with the Center for Creative Photography and the University of Arizona-Tucson. 
                    25 - Photocritic International - Norsigian/Adams: Halftime Show (1) (February 25th, 2011). In which I take a breather, since the story seems to come to a temporary halt, though not without entertaining diversions: Brooke Delarco, advocate of the “Uncle” Earl Brooks theory, busted in Pennsylvania with 5 kilos of pot. Plus further consideration of six decades of Ansel Adams’s most-favored-photographer status at Yosemite National Park. 

                   15 – Article: Los Angeles Times -  Ansel Adams Trust and Rick Norsigian settle suits over disputed 'lost negatives' March 15, 2011 |  2:05 pm 
“Ending a legal dispute that began last summer, Rick Norsigian has agreed he will stop using Ansel Adams’ name, likeness, or the “Ansel Adams” trademark as he continues to sell prints and posters of Yosemite National Park and coastal California that he has long contended document “lost negatives” shot by the great nature photographer. 
    Norsigian has spent the past decade trying to prove that the 65 old-fashioned glass-plate negatives he bought more than 10 years ago at a Fresno garage sale were taken by Adams in the 1920s and '30s and represent a previously missing chapter in the photographer’s oeuvre. “ MORE
                  Photocritic International -   Norsigian/Adams: Game Over? (March 15th, 2011). In which I break and ponder the news that the Adams Trust and Team Norsigian have asked the Federal District Court of Northern California to dismiss their respective suit and countersuit. I then offer a series of prognostications about future developments in this story.  MORE
                  18 - Article: Los Angeles Times - Unable to use Ansel Adams' name to sell Yosemite pictures, Rick Norsigian cuts prices,
“What’s in a name? In the case of Rick Norsigian’s famously disputed collection of vintage negatives of Yosemite, his agreement this week to refrain from using Ansel Adams' name to sell prints has yielded considerably sweeter deals for prospective buyers.
Last July, Norsigian began selling 18 images from the trove of “lost negatives” he had bought at a Fresno garage sale and concluded were previously missing 1920s and 1930s works by the great nature photographer. His asking price was $7,500 for hand-developed gelatin silver prints and $1,500 for digital prints, offered in limited editions of 50 and 250, respectively.”  MORE
                  24 – Photocritic International -  Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (20) (April 24th, 2011). In which I weigh the post-settlement behavior of the Adams Herd and Team Norsigian, concluding that the latter doesn’t seem to have a commitment to living up to either the letter or the spirit of that agreement. 

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