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           The Foundation began with a request from A.C.'s  youngest son to his daughter, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.  The request proved to be far more complex than she realized at the time.  Pillsbury's photos are still collected, their beauty and power compelling interest despite the lack of information about him and his work. which until recently, was hard to find. 

             The list of Pillsbury's inventions and innovations indicates a direction still in motion today.  What you see you understand.  In science, journalism, education, and in all parts of our lives seeing is better than believing, it is knowledge providing a basis from which to explore the world in all of its parts and beauty.   
            This site provides information on Pillsbury, his work, and the direction he intended his work to provide for all of us. 

Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation Board

            The Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation did not raise or grant money for the work on the Pillsbury legacy.  This work is financed entirely by family members, who do the work themselves, with the assistance of friends like Charlotte Anjelica Kieltyka, who has been carrying out the work of forensic analyst with masterful insight.  Others have volunteered to assist and their efforts are very much appreciated.

             However, the rising need to take action in making alternatives available to those adhering to the values expressed by Arthur C. Pillsbury, a life-long Preservationist, and his descendants who also hold these values, has resulted in action to bring these emerging technologies to the attention of those who can ensure their use.  These include alternatives intended for use by individuals, local communities, municipalities and counties.   

         Action always includes confronting existing problems, correction of present failures to alleviate these issues, and alternatives.  We have made it our charge to make these known and explain precisely how the will work.  Human action, like any kind of process, must include both elements.  

            To learn more on this aspect of the Pillsbury Legacy visit our Alternatives section on this site.  

    Some of Anjelica's own work can be viewed here, on the AC Pillsbury Forensics site, which is maintained for her use.   

           Melinda Pillsbury-Foster was designated as the family member to undertake the renewal of her Grandfather's legacy shortly before the death of her father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, AC's  last surviving child.  Dr. Pillsbury died in 1992.  
            For this purpose her father handed over to her many of the d'orotones, prints, and other materials in his possession.  Melinda did a series of interviews with her father on his recollections and insights on the life of his father at this time.   

           Of the five children born to Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury, only one sibling survives.  Stephen M. Pillsbury began assisting with the work as he has time.  Stephen is a computer engineer and the father of six children with his wife, Wendy.  
            The Board has now extending to include others who share the values so eloquently expressed by Pillsbury during his life for preserving the natural world, openly sharing knowledge, and building a commons which allows for use which does not harm.  

About the Pillsbury Family 

        Arthur C. Pillsbury was the youngest of four children born to Drs. Harlin Henry Pillsbury and Harriet Foster Pillsbury.  His became the father of three in 1911 when he went into court and adopted the three orphaned children of his elder brother, Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury.  He had no natural children.  
           The adoption took place six weeks after the death of Dr. Ernest and his wife, Sylvia Ball Pillsbury, who died in an automobile accident, leaving a large estate but no last wills, resulting in an attempt by a faltering corporation to seize the estate - and take physical control of the children, Ernest, Jr., Grace Sylvia, and Arthur Francis.  The children were then 13, 9 and 6.  
             The children were raised by A. C., who was also their uncle and the Godfather of the youngest, who had been named for him.  


Donations of Materials 

           Members of the family generously donated materials so you could see the work A. C. left to all of us.  Others have also generously donated.  

                           Donating Family Members:  
​                            Barbara Heino
                            Barry Young
                            Anne AEtheline P. Gripp
                            Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
                            Stephen Martin Pillsbury 

Many generous people over the years have contributed images, scanned and sent by email, or given us books and photographs to fill in the gaping losses suffered by Arthur C. Pillsbury when his studio in Yosemite burned in 1927.  We have hopes many of the images, long thought lost, will be found.  Sign up for IMAGE and UPDATES, if you would like to follow this story.  

About Dr. Arthur Francis Pillsbury 
The founding of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation came about because of the wishes of Dr. Arthur, his youngest son, to see his father's true legacy understood and advanced.  
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The ACP Vision
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See the Facts and Take Action

Arthur C. Pillsbury did not wait for a committee to tell him people needed a better understanding of the natural world to ensure its survival.  He built the cameras which extended human vision and made the movies which stunned a generation, drawing people into a more intimate and factual relationship with all forms of life.  

Today's environmental movement was founded on his work.  The first nature movie brought the natural world to people from every walk of life.  His motion pictures of flowers blooming awakened them to a world of life and struggle, so similar to our own, Pillsbury said.  The microscopic motion picture camera, showing cells dividing,  opened new worlds of understanding for science and all of us. 

Today the land, air, water, and living things which make up our world are threatened by the unseen actions of corporations and government regulatory agencies which fail to do their jobs.  

Therefore, teaming with experts the ACP Foundation is making the facts known and pointing to effective action for enforcing accountability.

The first step is the facts.

ACP Advisories 

An ACP Advisory provides the facts and evidence needed to show what happened, who was responsible and what actions can be taken to make those in business accountable for their actions.  

Our ACP Advisory Team Director is Dave Lincoln.  Examples of what he and the Team have accomplished can be viewed on our ACP Advisory Site.

ACP Action 
Part of the solution is asking the right questions. Who should decide if an oil company should be allowed to pollute?  Those impacted, not those who stand to profit living outside the zone of impact. 

Let those impacted decide.  It is only right and just.  
All photos on this site have been remastered and copyrighted by the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.  Use of these is available through license.  Use of the original versions should be made only with attribution to the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.