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Inquiries & Questions
​It started with the Norsigian Negatives.  In 2000 Rick Norsigian of Fresno, California, purchased for $45, an old box containing 61 - 65 glass negatives at a garage sale.   

In 2010 the negatives were announced to be the work of Ansel Adams.  This claim was challenged by the Adams heirs, among others. The Ansel Adams heirs sued Norsigian.  

On March 15, 2011 the law suit was settled. An inquiry was then ongoing at this site, interrupted, and leaving many Open Questions which need answering.  

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BOOKS relating to Image, science, history and philosophy with reviews.  

Articles & Time Lines including the Norsigian Negatives                2000 - 2005                 2006 - 2010               2011 - Present 
Existing Analyses of Norsigian Negatives in relation to the Work of Arthur C. Pillsbury - And More
​Ansel Adams & A. C. Pillsbury - Discovered Insights

Ansel Adams - The Missing Years

1909 - Centennial for the Nature Movie  
1912 -  Centennial for Lapse-Time film of flowers

Envelopes for negatives  
    These are some of the envelopes which originally held nitrate film included in the purchase made by Rick Norsigian in 2000.  

    According to Leroy Radonovich the only Yosemite photographer to have this many images in their catalogue  was Pillsbury.    

 This was also the numbering system used by Pillsbury.  
Other Material Evidence

Statement made on the material facts misstated by Rick Norsigian. - 2010