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The Envelopes 
Arthur C. Pillsbury was, according to Leroy Radonovich, the only photographer using this kind of numbering system.  He was also the only photographer to have this large a catalogue.   Melinda obtained the envelopes, which originally held nitrate film negatives, from Rick Norsigian in 2002.  
8033 - Seagull

8052 - Yosemite from Camp Awanne (Ahwahnee)

8057 - Yosemite Fall from river

8066 - Three Brothers morning

8067 - Overhanging Rock & Half Dome Scarp (sp)

8069 - Bridal Vail Falls - added 

8072- Yosemite from Meadow

8087 - Tenaya Canyon from Glacier Point

8103 - Valley View Yos.

8104 - Gates of the Valley

8108 - Happy Illes (sp)

8121 - Monterey Point V. P NEG

These numbers fit neatly into the Pillsbury Catalog which we have been working to rebuild for decades.  This work has been slow, frustrating, and expensive. 

 In no case is the image, corresponding to the number on the envelope, which was once believed to be lost to the fire in 1927, present.  

The catalog was chronological, which is apparent when you know the location of the sites photographed.  

All of these titles on the envelopes reflect titles indicating images which were frequently photographed by Pillsbury, who rephotographed many of these locations four times a year, during each season.  

In the 7000's previous a photo, 7993, is one of the photos of Aunt Grace's wedding to Arthur Young which took place on October 13, 1923 at her father's home in Oakland, California.  

Catalog - 7,000 - to approximately 100,000 images