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Catalog - 7000 & Up 
Pillsbury Picture Company Catalogue

Numbered Images

This catalogue covers images 1 – 2000 and then 7000 up. A. C.’s body of work also includes several other series including colored post cards, the Legend of the Lost Arrow of L series, the White Fleet Series, the Stanford Rush Series, a series of movies, and the Y series of images

7001 and up  

No. 7023 Spring Primroses 
Postcard and print  

No. 7108 Brockway, Lake Tahoe (Picture of a building)

No. 7125 Raymond Hotel, Pasadena (No supplied by Lynn Graesing)

No. 7438 NO CAPTION Card is of large bear and two cubs “copyright Pillsbury 
  Picture Co. 1910”

No. 7480 GLASS PLATE Cor Market O Farrell & Grant Ave 

No. 7554 Fallen Leaf & Mt. Tallac

No. 7553 The Entrance to Emerald Bay

No. 7558 The Brook 
BACK azo  

No. 7568 A Bend in the Shore, Lake Tahoe P. P. No. 7568
Postcard BACK AZO

No. 7572 GLASS PLATE Olympic Club Annual Swim Jan. 1 12 

No. 7696 Muir Woods

No. 7773 Phantom Ship of Crater Lake  

No. 7776 Phantom Ship of Crater Lake (slightly different view) 

No. 7820 Spring Primroses 

No. 7826 Artist's Point (view of the Valley in the far distance) 

No. 7861 Cypress on 17 Mile Drive

No. 7863 On the 17 Mile Drive

No. 7837 “Blown Sentinel Tree” BYU

No. 7864 On the 17 Mile Drive
Post Card BACK AZO 

No. 7866 On the 17 Mile Drive

No. 7869 Vernal and Nevada Falls

No. 7871 Eucalyptus Tree, U of C Campus.

No. 7888 On the 17 Mile Drive

No. 7898 Coast at Point Lobos

No. 7899 Point Lobos

No. 7904 Brockway, Lake Tahoe

No. 7919 Arch Rock

No. 7924 Del Monte Lodge

No. 7993 (Wedding picture for Grace Pillsbury, Bride, Groom Arthur Young and their 
  attendants. ) 

No. 8188 “Cliff Cypress” Monterey

No. 8165 University of California from 1500 foot elevation
Post Card BACK AZO

No. 8206 “Sunbeams Among the Redwoods”

No. 8951 Half Dome, Yosemite, California
Post Card BACK AZO

No. 8954 Vernal Falls, Yosemite, California
Post Card BACK AZO

No. 10929 Wawona Tree
Post Card BACK AZO

No. 10984 Bridal Veil Falls Pillsbury Picture Co. No. 10984

No. 13310 Merced Lake P.P. Co. No. 13310
  Postcard BACK AZO

No. 1414?1906 Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite 10 1/2"by 13 1/2"

No. 14106 Query by Kanuse in MA copyright 1907 Pillsbury Picture CO.

No. 14205 Lower Yosemite Falls (or could be 6 instead of 0. Hard to read this #).

No. 14226 Upper Yosemite Falls 5" by 13 1/2" 

No. 14231 Happy Islands 10 1/2"by 13 1/2":

No. 14233Mirror Lake 10 1/2"by 13 1/2":

No. 14236The Domes of Yosemite (No. and title supplied by Jame Barrett) 

No. 14276 Bridal Vail Falls 5" by 13 1/2"  

No. 14304 Waimea Canyon from Puka Pele, Kauai    Pillsbury Picture Co #14304 From Print, 13.5" x 10.5" supplied by Arkady Agron 

No. 14439 PANORAMA Vernal Falls Pillsbury’s Pictures  
One reported in a triptych with El Capitan and Yosemite Falls. On the back of the photo the number, #2674 1, 2, 3, appear Rick Perez of the 


No. 14387Yosemite Falls 10 1/2"by 13 1/2": 

No. 14443Yosemite Fall 5" by 13 1/2" 

No. 71199 Stevenson Home, Monterey No. 71199
  Postcard (BACK AZO)