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Arthur C. Pillsbury becomes a father 
On November 13, 1911 Arthur C. Pillsbury adopted the three orphaned children of his elder brother, Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury.  Dr. Ernest and his wife, Sylvia F. Ball Pillsbury, had both been killed in an auto accident while on their way to Santa Barbara to celebrate their anniversary. The three children were in the car when it went over the side of the road, which had been washed out, and plunged into a ravine just before the  Santa Barbara County line.   

The children were Ernest Sargent Pillsbury, age 13, Jr., Grace Sylvia Pillsbury, 11, and Arthur Francis Pillsbury, age 5.

Ernest was old enough to give his consent to being adopted, and did so.  My father, Arthur Francis remembered clearly going to court to be adopted.  His new father was also his Godfather.    

Arthur C. Pillsbury's wife, AEtheline, refused to adopt the children but signed a letter giving him permission to do so.    
Arthur C. Pillsbury had no natural children.  The three, as stated in the court record,"shall henceforth be regarded in and treated in all respects as the children of Arthur C. Pillsbury." 

Arthur F. the youngest child, became the child who Grandfather relied on to carry out those tasks allotted to your closest relation.    

In late 1990 my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, Grandfather's youngest child, asked me to take over the job of ensuring his father's legacy was remembered and any omissions be repaired.  
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