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Letters - 1979 - January 22 - Harrison to Rell G. Francis
In this letter to Rell Francis Harrison lies, saying Arthur C. Pillsbury has no children and no affiliation with a university.  Father would have placed the collection at Stanford, since this was the university attended by him, both Arthur C. Pillsbury, and Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury, my father's mother Sylvia Florance Ball Pillsbury, and where my brother Charles' wife, Dr. Susan Knox was teaching and practicing medicine.    

Grandfather left Stanford as a Senior after writing his Senior Dissertation which included plans for the Circuit Panorama Camera.  His Senior Adviser told him the design would not work.  Grandfather built it.  It worked.  He left for the Yukon.  It was probably also relevant that Professor Rice was his father-in-law.    

Clearly, Harrison did not anticipate my following through on the promise I made to my father when he failed to do anything he had promised, after receiving valuable gifts and time in the belief he would be a man of his word.    The conversations Dad and I had after he had moved to Santa Barbara to live with Anne, his eldest child, his oldest daughter, were born from his finally realizing how badly he had been manipulated.  But he did not know why.  I would discover this later.