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Letters - 1979 - February 8 - Harrison to AFP
Here Harrison is stalling and backing off.  Before now Father had believed Harrison's priority was writing a book about Grandfather.  Father had such high hopes for the research Harrison was doing.  Over time he struggled to believe him but during this period he was still talking about expecting to pay to have a book published.  Of course, this could not happen. 

At this point Dad was still vital and able to take on his father's legacy.  He would have done so.  He did not tell me about how distressed he had been about the collections loss until 1990. He had been shocked to know his father's wife would sell it for $100 before he could even get there.  She was trying to sell the family clock, which had been in our family for 250 years, when he walked in.    

Dad and Grandfather were both incredibly stoic.   They never complained, just shouldered their burdens and went on.