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1938 - Pillsbury's Work and Words -  Lecture Films
Pillsbury's book, Picturing Miracles of Plant and Animal Life,  provided insights into how to build the cameras and his lectures created excitement about the advance of our understanding of the natural world. 
Arthur C. Pillsbury with Microscopic Motion Picture Camera he designed, built, and used.

Pillsbury’s Two Wonder Programs
Number One

Reel 1 - Hand-colored wild flowers of the Sierras
Reel 2 - Hand colored wild flowers of the Sierras showing the action of drugs and bootleg on flowers.
Reel 3 - Transformation of Caterpillar into the pupa and a few interesting insect scenes and hand colored 
               cultivated flowers made in St. Louis
Reel 4 - Seed germination and kindred subjects, partially microscopic
Reel 5 - Microscopic subjects, bread mold story, circulation in a leaf contracting with circulation of blood in a
               frog’s web, and other microscopic subjects, including pictures of the microscopic units in action.

Reel 6 - The Spider Lily pollen showing nucleus, the Tradiesantia story, and other microscopic subjects.

Reel 7 – (When used) The best scenic pictures of Yosemite, including avialtion pictures and the Water Wheel
               Fallos of the Tuolumne Canyon

Number Two

Reel 1 – hand colored flowers of Hawaii
Reel 2  - Marine Life in Pacific Grove; contrasting the “flowers of the ocean” with the land flowers.
Reel 3  - The life story of Ureckles, showing cell division in its egg; the sea urchin and cell division in its egg.
Reel 4  - The “Ocean Flowers” (animal life) contained with land flowers, and aviation pictures
Reel 5  - The Story of Spirogyra ad other microscopic pictures.
Reel 6  - Iris and Rose stories made this year
Reel 7  - (When used) Scenes of Hawaiian Islands including avialtion pictures. This is condensed from three
                reels of his best material.  

1940 – 1941 Lecture Series

Flowers of Hawaii. Plumeria, Birld of Paradise, Hibiscus, Nightblooming Cereus, Opunetia, the Silver Sword, and others.

The Story of Pollen Microscopic, Spider Lily, (Hymenocallis).
California Wild Flowers Yerba Santa, Snow Plant, Poppies, Azaleas, Violets, Godetia, Paint Brush, Columbine, Evening Primrose.
The Story of Protoplasm Microscopic. Tradescantia
Cultivated Flowers. Roses, Lilies, Dahlias, iris, Zinnias, etc.