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The  Great White Fleet 
​16 December 1907 -- 22 February 1909

The Great White Fleet was a corollary of the Monroe Doctrine,  expressed through the foreign policy of President Theodore Roosevelt and shared by American Presidents with the popularity of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries.  Roosevelt was an American Imperialist, which looks attractive when the damage is being done to others and much less so when your own people are being impacted negatively.  See this link from the Department of the Navy Library for more on the White Fleet. 

Arthur C. Pillsbury photographed the White Fleet both from on-board some of the vessels and  as the Fleet made its entry into San Francisco Bay on May 6, 1908.  These copies were badly damaged and funds are not yet available for remastering.  When they were taken Pillsbury dominated the market through the excellence of his photography.  The last photo, Number 92, indicates how many were once in the catalog.  
The Connecticut in San Francisco Bay - P. P. Co. No. 961
Cruiser Washington and Pacific Squadron coming to anchor - P. P. Co. No. 951
The Connecticut leading the Fleet - P. P. Co. No. 937
The line of Battle Ships - P. P. Co. No. 965
The Flag Ship in the Lead, San Francisco Bay - P. P. Co. No. 966 
The Grand March into the Golden Gate - P. P. Co. No. 951
Teddy, Mascot Bear on the Buffalo - Pillsbury Picture Co. No. 92